Imperial Valley Milling Co. provides a range of premium alfalfas, grasses, and other forage seeds. We offer public and proprietary varieties that perform well in various climatic regions to meet the needs of our customers.

Alfalfa products have the option of being enhanced by our proprietary HardiCOATTM coating system. HardiCOATTM increases seedling survival rates and promotes early-season plant vigor.

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Elite Proprietary Non-Dormant Alfalfas

Super Cal – FD 9

Super Cal is highly winter active variety with exceptional forage yield and quality potential, quick regrowth and excellent stand persistence.

Evergreen – FD 9

Evergreen is a non-dormant variety which produces high quality forage yields and exhibits strong pest and disease resistant qualities.

Un Padre - FD 9

Un Padre is a high yielding non-dormant variety with quick regrowth potential and excellent stand persistence.

Public Alfalfas

Other Forages

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