Our History

Since 1907 we’ve been about one thing. Your seed.

Imperial Valley Milling Co. is a California legacy in the seed conditioning industry. We work from your specifications and deliver exactly what you need, because we take the time to get it right the first time. All of our seed products arrive on time, according to specs, and within budget.

With prompt service, it's never been easier for you to get the high quality seed and seed services you need for your farm, plantation or grow space. Our prices beat any foreign competitor and rival all of our American competitors—but the quality of Imperial Valley Milling seed is unmatched. Imperial Valley Milling Co. has been about its customers since the beginning, and we continue that dedication by only providing the highest quality, most soil ready seeds out there. We have continued to service some of the same farms in the Imperial Valley region for over half a century and we strive to uphold our legacy supplying the best seed products available. Take a look at the options in our store and come on by and see how Imperial Valley could be the solution to your seed needs.

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